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Columbo Entertains Young and Old

peter falk columboEver since I can remember, Peter Falk as the quirky Lt. Columbo graced the TV screen on Sunday Mystery Movies. With 43 Columbo episodes spanning over 4 decades and 13 seasons as well as 4 Mystery Movie collections, the Columbo tv series left us with plenty of entertainment for young and old alike.

As tv detectives go, Columbo was very different from the usual run of the mill ‘whodunnit’ detective series. His ruffled appearance (enhanced by the familiar raincoat) as well as his confused demeanour threw his rivals off-guard. They could not believe their luck, having committed the perfect crime, they also get the ‘worst’ detective on the force to handle their case! They could never be further from the truth…

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Many argue that the 1st 7 seasons of the Columbo series was the best. I tend not to disagree. Even though there were many great episodes in the latter years, they were not consistently as good as the 1st Seven Seasons.

Seasons 1 to 7 of Columbo Episodes

Despite my personal opinion, I was further convinced when I compiled a list of the Top 10 Columbo Episodes of all Time as voted by viewers over the years. All 10 were in the 1st 7 seasons. Opinions may differ, but each one of these episodes will give you guaranteed entertainment.

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There were 4 Mystery Movie collections made, also known as Special Features. They form part of the final 2 seasons in the Columbo series spanning from 1989 – 2003. The fourth collection (1994-2003) were released in Jan 2012. It includes all the most recent movies including Peter Falk’s final appearance as the famous detective.

Like in previous outings, the writing, stories, and acting are top notch, never altering. Peter Falk obviously adored the cigar-smoking man in the wrinkled coat. And for eleven wonderful years, there is no mystery why fans of the show never left their armchairs when Columbo graced their TV sets.

More detail on the 1st 3 Movie Collections

There were altogether 13 seasons of Columbo episodes with 4 mystery movie collections.

We salute you Peter Falk and will for ever be great full for the years of mystery movie genius you and the producers brought to the TV screen!

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