Top 10 Columbo Episodes of all Time


Here are the list of Top 10 Columbo Episodes of all Times as voted by viewers.

Columbo had many great episodes. Counting down from number 10 the favourite Columbo Episodes with some clips.


10) The bye-bye Sky High IQ Murder Case – Season Six, May 22 1977

Viewer Rating: ★★★★☆

Starring: Jamie Lee Curtis and Todd Martin

9) Negative Reaction – Season Four, 6 Oct 1976

Viewer Rating: ★★★★☆

Starring: Dick Van Dyke and Irene Tedrow

8 ) A Friend Indeed – Season Three, 5 May 1974

Viewer Rating: ★★★★☆

Starring: Val Avery and Eleanor Zee

7) By Dawns Early Light – Season Four, 27 Oct. 1974

Viewer Rating: ★★★★☆

Starring: Bruce Kirby and Patrick McGoohan

6) Murder by the Book – Season One, 15 Sept. 1971

Viewer Rating: ★★★★☆

Starring: Jack Cassidy and Martin Milner – Directed by Steven Spielberg

5) Now You See Him – Season Five, 29 Feb. 1976

Viewer Rating: ★★★★½

Starring: Jack Cassidy and Nehemiah Persoff

4) Swan Song – Season Three, 3 March 1974

Viewer Rating: ★★★★½

Starring: Johnny Cash and Ida Lupino

3) An Exercise in Fatality – Season Four, 15 Sept. 1974

Viewer Rating: ★★★★½

Starring: Robert Conrad and Philip Bruns

2) Any Old Port in a Storm – Season Three, 7 Oct. 1973

Viewer Rating: ★★★★★

Starring: Donald Pleasence and Gary Conway

 The Favourite Columbo Episode of all Times

1) Death Lends a Hand – Season One, 6 Oct. 1971

Viewer Rating: ★★★★★

Starring: Robert Culp and Ray Milland


Communications czar Arthur Kennicut has hired high priced private investigator Brimmer to determine if his wife is having an affair. She has been, but Brimmer falsifies the report. He tells Kennicut that his wife has a clean bill of health. Brimmer lets Mrs. Kennicut hear the whole confrontation on an intercom. In exchange for his continued protection, the investigator wants her to be “a good listener”. In other words, he hopes to balck mail her into being a pipeline of information about her politically powerful husband. He suggests she think it over.

Death Lends a Hand on YouTube 4:36

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This list of the Top 10 Columbo Episodes of all Time was compiled using viewer voted ratings. Not all opinions will be the same, but you will get hours of pure murder mystery entertainment, Guaranteed!


Columbo Episodes Trivia


Did you know that Bing Crosby was offered the role of Columbo?

Peter Falk as ColumboPeter Falk was not the 1st Lt. Columbo in the very popular tv series from the seventies. Columbo episodes was started in the sixties featuring another actor. What was Columbo’s first name? And his wife, was it Kate or Mildred? Here are some interesting but lesser know facts about Peter Falk’s Columbo tv episodes.

IMPORTANT TRIVIA NOTE : The Columbo character was created by William Link and Richard Levinson. A novel that appeared in 1886 that was written by Feodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky (Russian) named ‘Crime and Punishment’, was the base on which Columbo’s character were modeled.

Thomas Mitchell was the 1st to play the character of Lt. Columbo in 1962. The role was also offered to Bing Crosby the singer, but he decided to decline.

What were the first names of Columbo’s wife and his children? Never in the whole of the Columbo tv series was it ever mentioned. There was a TV series on NBC named  mrs. Columbo, but it was short lived. It was supposed to depict the life of Columbo in his household. In this series, Mrs. Columbo was a reporter for ‘The Valley Advocate’ Newspaper and she had a daughter of 7 years of age. Their names were Kate (Mrs. Columbo) and Jenny (daughter). Ironically, Lt. Columbo was never seen in this series!

Never was Columbo’s 1st name revealed either in any of the tv episodes, mystery movies or series. Some sources stated his name to be ‘Philip’, but they were wrong. A writer by the name of Fred Worth created this name for his book: “The Complete Unabridged Super Trivia Encyclopedia”. You will notice on page 107 of his book the part where he mentioned the name of Lt. Columbo to be ‘Philip’. The real idea was to see if anyone would cite this name in their puplications.

A Trivial Pursuit game was created using Worth’s book as a reference and was sued as a result. The makers of the game stated in the lawsuit that this is their primary source for the game material. This same writer (Fred Worth) also gave Columbo’s wife a name and listed it as ‘Mildred’. Names such as ‘Frank’ and ‘Joseph’ were derived from flashes of the Lt’s name badge by other sources. See below a picture of one of Lt. Columbo’s ID badges as captured during one of the episodes.


In 1993, the Columbo character began appearing in a series of critically acclaimed novels by William Harrington.

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Columbo Episodes: The Mystery Movies


Along with 43 Columbo Episodes, there were also 3 Mystery Movies.

Peter Falk was excellent as ‘Lieutenant Columbo’, a smart Los Angeles police detective who seemed to be sleeping on the job, but his quarry would soon find out that he was doing anything but that. Three TV-movies and 43 Columbo Episodes, all from the 70s, are many of the very best tv series programming ever recorded on film. The razor-sharp scripts, quality guest stars, and most all, Peter Falk’s excellent acting ability, will make this outstanding show live on forever. 

In the detective series that inspired them all, acclaimed actor Peter Falk returns in his four-time Emmy-winning role as the wry and ruffled police lieutenant in Columbo Mystery Movie Collection – 1990.

Columbo-Episodes-Mystery-Movie-Collection-1990The 1990?s Mystery Movies of Columbo proves again the strength of the writing and the wonderful character acting of Peter Falk. He dons his famous trench coat again as he returns in his 4-time Emmy award-winning role as everyone’s favorite Police Lieutenant. He pesters with all the right questions in some of the most deceptive and deadly cases. The continuing final two seasons also features such acclaimed guest stars as Robert Culp, Patrick McGoohan, Helen Shaver, and more. The landmark crime series returns, and no murderer can hide for long with Lt. Columbo on the beat!

Here are the movies that was featured on the 1990’s Mystery Movie Collection:

Deidra Hall and Ian Buchanan starred in the movie ‘Columbo Cries Wolf’ which was aired for the 1st time on 20 Jan. 1990. Being iconic soap opera stars in their own right, they starred as rivaling business partners with Deidra ending up murdered. It took all of Columbo’s skills to unravel this crime that was very well plotted.

The dangerous and fabulous actor (Patrick McGoohan) starred as the baddie in ‘Agenda for Murder’ that appeared on 10 Fed. 1990. He and Peter Falk are also very close friends, fortunately for the fans, for he starred in many of the most iconic of the Columbo movies and episodes as a result. He plays the role of a powerful attorney with great political ambitions and secrets to match. Having never lost before, the attorney has but little regard for the little Lt. His biggest mistake!

A very unusual mystery movie was ‘Rest in Peace, Mrs. Columbo’. 1st aired 31 March 1990, the actual target was Columbo himself. With a classic twist in the end, it was all about vengeance. Lt’ Columbo arrested a man for murder who consequently died in prison and the wife blames him for it.

Famous tv writer (Steven Bocho) wrote ‘Uneasy Lies the Crown’ that appeared on the TV screens for the 1st time on 28 April 1990. He also created ‘Hill Street Blues’. It’s about a dentist that disposes of a patient. Coincidently this patient just happens to also be his wife’s lover! A very creative mystery movie with stars like Nancy Walker and Dick Sargent (playing themselves).

Andrew Stevens stars in ‘Murder in Malibu’ as the younger lover of a writer, famed for her romance novels. She learns he’s only after her money and calls of the wedding as a result. A staged burglary ended her appearance in the episode. Look out for guest star Brenda Vaccaro.

Columbo is a guest on campus in ‘Columbo Goes to College’, aired 9 Dec. 1990. Here he is a guest lecturer on criminology. Justin Rowe and Cooper Redman portray 2 arrogant rich boys who dispose a professor with remote controls because he threatened to expel them. As always, they count their lucky stars for having such a stupid detective assigned to their case, or so they assumed. As a result they flaunt their ‘intellectual superiority’ to their detriment. Look out for Robert Culp who also appeared in 3 previous Columbo Episodes.

Peter Falk’s Columbo ranks as one of the finest TV detective characters ever designed. The quirky Los Angeles Lieutenant has captured decades of viewers and is sure to also capture younger fans with the long-awaited DVD release. Catch all the upcoming Columbo Episodes Reviews for DVD releases here on


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Peter Falk’s Columbo ranks as one of the greatest TV detective characters ever created. The quirky Los Angeles Lieutenant has captivated decades of viewers and is sure to also capture younger fans with the long-awaited DVD release.

Each and every one of Columbo seasons are great and have something special to offer.

The Columbo movies take a different approach to mysteries. Most of the time the viewer watches as the detective finds clues and tries to figure out who did it. But with Columbo we see the murder and know who did it. The game is watching Columbo find clues to figure out who did it. There are no exciting car chases. There are no gun battles. Columbo is able to look at simple small clues and make important deductions. It is a thinking man’s game.

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